Startup Europe Week – 2nd Buckingham – Milton Keynes FinTech Roundtable “From Crowdfunding and FinTech to Data Tech”, Milton Keynes, 11 March 2019


A Startup Europe Week Roundtable convened by the University of Buckingham Enterprise and Innovation Unit (BEIU) as part of the Buckinghamshire Business Festival

The FinTech revolution is underway in full swing, and regulators around the world are moving to come to grips with marketplace lending, crowdfunding, new payment platforms and a whole range of related technologies that are transforming how we do business at all levels.

This roundtable will look at the development of Crowdfunding, FinTech and allied trading technologies over the past 15 years, and draw out lessons for strategic horizon scanning and current business development.


Talks will be preceded by a welcoming reception open to entrepreneurs, members of the public and anybody with an interest in Fintech.

  • Oliver Gajda, Executive Director European Crowdfunding Network
  • Andrew Nicholson, Co-Founder and CMO
  • Professor Matthias Klaes, Vinson Centre for Economics and Entrepreneurship, University of Buckingham
  • Nigel Adams, Professor of Practice and BEIU Director
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