Kimmo Lönnmark, CEO, Privanet Securities Ltd


kimmoKimmo Lönnmark, CEO of Privanet Securities Ltd, is the ambitious leader of the only marketplace for unlisted companies in Finland, with more than fifty companies, worth over 3.2 billion Euros. Kimmo has over 15 years experience as a portfolio manager in the asset management industry, is a Certified EFFAS Financial Analyst and a Master of Law. It’s with a strong vision, combined with an engaging presentation style and advertising skills, that Kimmo makes an impact in every field he becomes involved in. A workaholic with a commitment to constantly upping his game, Kimmo has become involved in multiple projects that he believes in. Kimmo is a co-founder of AROUND®, a digital crowdfunding service. With his unrelenting determination, Kimmo has helped many Finnish SMEs to successfully raise equity and debt finance from both domestic and international investors.


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