ECN at PPE symposium: Achieving a Business-friendly Environment in the EU: Revitalizing the European Agenda on SMEs


On March 14th, the Public Policy Exchange (PPE) invites small business federations, business networks, entrepreneurs and all interested stakeholders to join their symposium “Achieving a Business-friendly Environment in the EU: Revitalizing the European Agenda on SMEs”. We are excited to announce that our Executive Director Oliver Gajda will be talking about Fintech opportunities and ways to encourage the development of crowdfunding initiatives at the panel “Increasing Options for SME Access to Finance”.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) shape EU economy by representing 99.8% of all companies operating in the non-financial business sector. Almost all of them are small enterprises employing less than 10 people. Therefore, it is important for the EU to take actions and create a supportive environment for businesses across Europe. To ensure the proper implementation of EU programmes and other policy measures in favour of enterprises within the Single Market, a clear common definition of SME would be required and Commission has taken the first steps towards achieving this goal by launching the Inception Impact Assessment for the revision of the current EU SME definition, provided in Recommendation 2003/361/EC. All interested parties are encouraged to submit their responses by filling in the online questionnaire until the 6th of May.

This symposium will offer an opportunity to analyse the latest updates related to the EU policy on SMEs and entrepreneurship. It will explore its potential as a cross-sectoral issue, considering how complementary actions in other policy areas can have multiplier effects in strengthening its implementation. The conference will support the exchange of ideas and best practice, encouraging delegates to engage in a challenging debate with business representatives and policy makers at EU level.

During the event, delegates will aim to address the following matters:

  • Examine the current European framework in support of SMEs and its upcoming developments
  • Assess the benefits of targeted pro-entrepreneurship education programmes
  • Explore ways to promote female and youth entrepreneurship
  • Learn about alternatives to improve SMEs’ access to finance
  • Discuss solutions to reduce the administrative burden and compliance costs for SMEs
  • Take part in interactive discussions on how to improve SMEs’ access to the Digital Single Market
  • Liaise with experts and relevant stakeholders at national and international level

Find the programme and more information here.


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