Souleymane Galadima, Associate Managing Director, WiSEED


Souleymane uses his inspiration and financial skills to extend the boundaries of equity crowdfunding with WiSEED, one of the first equity crowdfunding platforms. He had the privilege to be involved in the world-premiere successful crowdfunding exit for the biotech startup Antabio, the crowd who invested 300+ k€ in ANTABIO was composed of 207 private investors. He has spoken at numerous seminars about promoting equity crowdfunding to investors, entrepreneurs and real estate developers. With an early career as production engineer at IBM, he moved to finance where he gained experience in cash-flow management within a world-wide consultancy group. Passionate of economic and social development, he joined the co-founders of WiSEED (Thierry Merquiol and Nicolas Sérès) to fight against the equity-gap and rally the crowd for entrepreneurship and real estate development. He holds a production engineer diploma and a master of Corporate Finance from the Business University of Chalmers.


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