Martina Lodi, KICK-ER Service Manager, ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory


Graduated in Cultural Management, after the project managing experience at the Metropolitan Strategic Plan of Bologna, Martina started her job in ART-ER within “Manufacturing Renaissance” staff and within the managing and coordination team for Mak-ER, the digital manufacturing network of Emilia-Romagna (  In 2012, she co-founded GINGER ( – a local crowdfunding platform for Emilia-Romagna Region) and since late 2015 she’s responsible for KICK-ER (, a guidance and support service for crowdfunding campaigns.

As a member of the Cultural and Creative Industries area, she’s working for the development of Fashion Valley Project promoted by Emilia-Romagna Regional Government and she deals also with projects which foster the interaction between the chain of creativity and traditional industries.


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