Peter Heijen, Founder, Landahand


Peter is the founder and CEO of social enterprise Lendahand, which he started following an extensive corporate career. Educated as an econometrist, Peter worked as a consultant at Deloitte, a stock broker at MN Services, and as a banker at Theodoor Gilissen. After 10+ years, he decided to look for a more meaningful career at which he would contribute to a better world with less poverty. After a trip through Bangladesh it was loud and clear for Peter: successful entrepreneurs in emerging countries play a key role in reducing poverty. At the same time people on the other side of the world want to be more in control of – and make a positive impact with – their money. He decided to move from regular banking into a more social type of banking, using his background in finance to develop innovative solutions to the problems he witnessed, which resulted in the founding of Lendahand.  Peter used the skills he gained in the finance industry to source investment flows through a crowdfunding platform which would ultimately help those with the most need. A few years later, Lendahand is well positioned into becoming a global online impact investing platform where investors can provide positive investments with all sorts of social impacts in emerging markets, while achieving an attractive yet modest financial return.


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