Webinar: “Investor protection in equity crowdfunding: cases around Europe”


#13 Webinar  –  Investor protection in equity crowdfunding: cases around Europe 

Join our webinar on May 23rd 2017 at 13:00 CET.

Whenever there is an investment at risk involved, investor protection rules applies. Equity crowdfunding is no exemption. However, every European country can take a different approach to this, which create obstacle for pan-European crowdfunding.

What countries do have best practices to share in this regard? What initiatives are there to overcome these cross-national barriers?

Join us in the next webinar where Francesca Passeri, ECN Project Manager, will discuss these and other questions around the topic with Nikos Daskalakis, researcher at the University of Brighton.

In this session, you will learn about

  • Investor protection regimes for equity crowdfunding
  • best practices and other examples
  • EU-level initiatives to potentially overcome the national barriers.

You can revisit the webinar and listen to the recording here

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This webinar takes place within the framework of ePlus Ecosystem project. 


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