Crowdsourcing Week, 22-25 November 2016, Brussels


Connecting the most innovative people, companies, and ideas from across all sectors, Crowdsourcing Week Europe conference explores the new era of collaboration and innovation. Get an unparalleled look at how crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and open innovation are changing the game across all industries.

The agenda will explore the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding technologies, trends, best-practices, and market opportunities that are driving massive transformation and innovation across all industries. Meet the global experts blazing the path, find out what’s ahead, and learn to harness the next wave of disruption—long before it hits you.

The week-long multidisciplinary event takes place right in the heart of Europe, in Brussels’ Chancellery Auditorium in collaboration with premier partners BNP Paribas Fortis, KULeuven, Orange, Brussels Metropolitan, and Wave exhibition.

If you’re interested in understanding how the crowd can drive growth, innovation and efficiency for your organization, attend CSW Europe and walk away with the actionable insights required to navigate your business in the new collaborative economy.

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