International Proaktivity Summit, 28-29 September 2016, Brussels


Gathering young entrepreneurs, young professionals and proactive university students, the International ProAktivity Summit is the annual conference of YouthProAktiv on youth entrepreneurship, proactivity, youth employability,  startups, innovation and new business trends. The aim of the International ProAktivity Summit is to empower young people to Be the social and economic drivers of our time.

International ProAktivity Summits enhance them with the proper attitude, the needed skills And the useful networks, in order to carry out with their entrepreneurial and social projects. The International ProAktivity Summits 2016 Seeks to discuss relevant ideas and approaches concerning young people. Together with decision–‐makers, successful entrepreneurs and business executives, we aim to debate on two of the essential pillars for the economic development and the full civic participation of young people: youth entrepreneurship and the so-called “second chance policy proposal”.

ECN will take part to a panel on how to fund projects.


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