Lionel Slusny, Founder, Loft Solutions


LSlusny_Singapore 2014Lionel Slusny is a technology broker & crowdfunding development manager. He acts as a trusted client-side support for technology supplier selection, partnerships and project advice. He founded Loft Solutions in 2010 to deliver independent support for IT, technologies & platform development for crowdfunding & innovative financial services. Since then, the firm has advised 30+ platforms and finance institutions on their development plans across Europe, their partnerships and in their IT suppliers selection. Loft Solutions supported the European Crowdfunding Network in its foundation and development until 2013 when it was established as a not-for-profit organisation in Brussels. Prior to that, he held positions in Banking & Capital Management consulting in The Hague, Stockholm, Zurich, Paris, London, Brussels & Amsterdam for Oliver, Wyman & Co and Cognizant. He holds an BSc. & MSc in Engineering management & Finance, Solvay Business School (Brussels) & Financial management training from City University (London).


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