Crowdfunding for Reasearch and Innovation: Project owners, please take this survey!


ECN is part of a study “Assessing the potential for crowdfunding and other forms of alternative finance to support research and innovation” which was initiated by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research & Innovation (DG RTD).  It is aimed at delivering a thorough, holistic picture on the potential of CF to improve access to risk finance in the EU especially for SMEs and midcaps. The results of the study will make a very important contribution to inform future policy actions.

If you are a project owner in the field of reasearch and innovation and you have conducted a crowdfunding campaign, please support this stud by taking this survey

Taking this survey is an opportunity to make your voice heard for potential future support measures for Crowdfunding.

Your input is strictly confidential.


You can find out more about the study:

 Many thanks for your contribution!


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