Last chance to participate in the EC Workshop “Focus group with Crowdfunding Platforms”


Last chance to participate in the Workshop “Focus group with Crowdfunding Platforms”

on Monday 23rd May from 17:00-19:00 in the Hotel Silken Berlaymont

co-located with the 2nd ECN CrowdCamp / CrowdFundRes Workshop 

On 23rd of May we will run a focus group with the participation of about 10 experts, potentially including You, being a Crowdfunding Platform, in order to hear about your experience and insights and invite you to an exchange of views on the potential crowdfunding can play in supporting research and innovation.

Background: The European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) in Consortium with EY, Open Evidence and University Politecnico di Milano have recently started a Study assessing the potential for Crowdfunding and other forms of alternative Finance for Research and Innovation on behalf of the European Commission-DG RTD

The study’s main objectives are to understand the role of crowdfunding in supporting R&D, identify challenges, drivers and barriers leading to recommendations on what should be done to unleash the potential of crowdfunding for Research and Development.

As the participation is limited, please contact if you are interested to join.


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