High-Level Europe Dialogue on the Digital Single Market and the e-Residency programme of Estonia, 23 May 2016, Brussels


This event will bring together important private and public sector voices and decision-makers from Europe representing a cross-section of early-stage investors, venture capital firms, stock exchanges, international corporations, and policy makers to discuss the changes improvements needed in Europe to reap the full benefits of modern technology.

We all know that establishing a true Digital Single Market in Europe is a key to improving our economic growth and the competitiveness of European companies in these difficult times. However, we are still dealing with 28 different regulatory regimes in many areas. How can we tear down the borders that hold us back? What kind of innovative solutions should we be looking for in order to make the distances between different parts of Europe redundant?

The digital market has three main objectives:

  1. A better online access to digital goods and services:
  2. An environment where digital networks and services can prosper:
  3. Digital technologies as drivers of growth:

Throughout the roundtable discussion, we will be addressing business related topics and learning from large corporations like NASDAQ and Adobe what are the benefits, the changes and improvements needed in Europe to realize the full potential of modern digital technology. Regulatory barriers and opportunities will also be examined together with the Vice President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Single Market, Andrus Ansip. We will also look at the revolutionary impact of the Estonian e-residency project which enables people across the world to carry out administration of location independent businesses online in a secure and convenient manner. Above all, we would like to use this event as an opportunity to hear the views of all the participants about the challenges and possibilities of the digital world.


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