Robert Pasicko, Team Leader Low Carbon Development, UNDP Croatia


Robert PasickoRobert defended his PhD dissertation in 2014, Diploma in Electrical Engineering in 2003 and Diploma in Management in 2008, both from the same University. Robert works for UNDP Croatia since 2009 as a Team Leader for Low Carbon Development portfolio of projects; leading a team of 10-15 people managing projects in the field of renewable energy sources, emission trading, climate change issues and alternative financing models. After successful crowdfunding for Energy Independent School in Croatia, Robert is active in EU funded CITIZENERGY project ( ) along with leading crowdfunding platforms for renewable energy, on making crowdfunding possible for citizens in the field of green energy. Last year he set up Crowdfunding Academy ( ) and with his team he helped 14 teams in Croatia to develop their campaigns, followed by 11 campaigns in a Global Crowdfunding Academy in countries from Bangladesh to Zimbabwe. He believes innovation in financing and energy use are the best chance we have to avoid climate disasters and lead us to sustainable development.


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