CARBON EXPO 2014, 28 – 30 May, Cologne


Carbon markets are emerging around the world, opening new opportunities for business, financial institutions and governments to lead in the transition to clean energy.  With new scientific findings underscoring the urgent need for action, political leaders are exploring a new, more vibrant role for market-based policies to give business incentives to adopt large-scale solutions. Emissions markets are at the heart of climate policies – at state, national and international levels. Business and financial institutions all over the world are stepping forward to make these markets work – and to make clean energy investments profitable.

The European Crowdfunding Network, which is engaging in work around renewable energy financing, will be speaking on innovative finance with board member Ronald Kleverlaan at CARBON EXPO. The event brings all of the policy and market players together under one roof for an actionpacked agenda that explores every new market, every new policy trend and a host of innovative financial strategies. Climate change is the world’s greatest environmental challenge. CARBON EXPO is about the power of business, finance and government to come together to meet the challenge: focused on solutions – inspired to innovate – and looking to partner.

For more information and to register, please visit the event website here


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