1. Jornada FCIS Cerdanyola, 6 February 2014, Barcelona


The Spanish Ambassador of the European Crowdfunding Network and CEO of Secured Assets, Benoit Vandevivere, will speak  at the 1. Jornada FCIS Cerdanyola in Barcelona on 6 February 2014. The event will cover a range of topics with regard to innovation and funding of SMEs, with focus on alternative finance and Crowdfunding.

Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) is the engine of progress. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain financial resources innovative companies. Still, experts say that for every Euro invested in R&D&I, two Euro are returned to the company.

The current economic crisis has certainly been a factor to lack of funding, but also other factors such as the structure of research and science education in Spain, or the flight of talent, collaboration between universities and technology centers and transfer of knowledge with business. In order to foster business and entrepreneurship as well as science, it is necessary to promote new, additional funding mechanisms for R&D&I, to create success stories – both national and international – and assist in the dissemination of new collaborative ways to fund these projects as necessary for our well-being and future .

The event website can be found here (Spanish)



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