The Concept

CrowdTuesday, The European Crowdfunding Industry Meet Up


CrowdTuesday is a small to medium sized event bringing together the crowdfunding industry at local level. Characterized by an informal and welcoming atmosphere, CrowdTuesday is  a perfect occasion for anybody interested in crowdfunding to do some networking or to listen to an interesting presentation, while having an after work drink. Participation is free of charge.

CrowdTuesday takes place at local level, organized by one of our members or partners, but it grows at European level! In fact by connecting the different local CrowdTuesday and facilitating the exchange of information and best practices among them, we intend to encourage a dialogue that will ultimately create a stronger and unified European crowdfunding industry.

Differently from the majority of events about crowdfunding taking place, CrowdTuesday is not an event for people who want to learn the basics of crowdfunding, but it is rather targeted towards a more expert audience that wants to know and discuss the latest updates about the industry.