Vinay Pranjivan, Expert on Consumer Protection in Financial Services


Vinay Pranjivan is an expert on consumer protection in financial services, a field he has worked on since 2005. He provides expert services to DECO – Portuguese Consumer Association. He is a member of the FSUG – Financial Services User Group, set up by the European Commission.

He spent 3 years at the European Banking Authority as a policy expert on consumer protection. Among other documents, he led the drafting of the “EBA’s Opinion on lending based crowdfunding”, published in 2015, and three iterations of the “EBA Consumer Trends Report”.

His professional background includes roles in retail banking, IT consultancy, and insurance.
He holds an MSc on Business Economics and Competition from the ISCTE Business School, in Lisbon, with the dissertation on drivers and impact of regulation on lending based Crowdfunding. He is a graduate in Economics from Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG), in Lisbon.


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