Agenda 20th October 2017


This is a draft agenda. Changes may occur in due course.

09:30Opening – Keynote TBATRACK C: Challenges and opportunities for pan-European alternative finance
09:45Panel 5 – the way to cross-border crowdfunding: where do we stand and where do we head to?
10:30Spotlight on – How can we increase the level of transparency in the alternative finance industry?
11:30Legal Frameworks in Europe for Crowdfunding Business
12:15Panel 6 – Addressing the shortage of risk capital for Europe high growth business
14:00Keynote – A look at the numbers of alternative financeTRACK D: Investing In alternative finance



14:15Fireside chat: Confessions, tips and insights from a serial retail investor
14:45Fireside chat: Confessions, tips and insights from a professional investor
15:15Speed dating
15:30Panel 7 – How to build a well-diversified investment portfolio through alternative finance

See agenda of 19th October.


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